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We know many travel companies all around India and internationally are looking for the right business partner to multiply their clients year to year. Hence, we have introduced a business friendly platform where we can work together on B2B modules but, of course not with ordinary patterns. The moment we research in the market, we came to know there are several international travel companies who still not promoting India due to various reasons but most of them are not even think about India in absence of a right travel partner and lack of vast India knowledge so, especially for them this is the opportunity to learn more than a business expansion.

We take this as an opportunity to connect your business with our expertise of years and give you a chance to expand your presence all around with confidence. When we talk about how to work on B2B modules then you may not be confident as we are an unknown identity for you, sitting miles away. Yes we understand this, you are definitely in a doubt whether we are really committed to our clients or it’s just like an open window to approach the travel companies. We honestly say NO; this is not our ambition to do in a similar way and that’s the reason we can only alliance where we work together with a collective approach.

To keep it simple, we can even start with a single booking to know the business perception in an appropriate aspect. We don’t desire to be recognized as an ordinary travel partner, so fix it like travellers connect with us by word of mouth.

Rest be assured, our dedication and integrity towards the clients will make you proud.

For more details, please write to us at info@inejtravel.com
Inej Travel will help you plan the  perfect trip away and show you the best of wherever you visit.

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