Namaste from India !!

Our story begins in the midst of a pandemic when unfortunately we lose our job and realize we should either go with the flow or make some efforts to overcome the depressing situation. At some point, we are even blank about what to do next as we don’t have the expertise to work in a different profession with limited opportunities for us. The moment we decide when we have the travel planning skill of years, then it’s practically unfair to ride on a different bicycle. As expected, initially we were faced with some common questions from friends and close ones who were actually concerned for us when we were spending our savings on travel business in tough times. Honestly, we were clear on our thoughts, we can’t leave behind our tourism identity and settle with the present situation so easily. We never think we are spending our savings on travel business; we actually spend on our passion which is priceless in our views.
We learned from our experiences and we precisely continue our passion with utmost sincerity. We simply believe, think differently and do different things unless you feel tired with your efforts. Our skills are the real strength which formed us optimistic in this new journey from an employee to a tiny tree of aspiration. This small venture is our new shelter and we care for it.
Among all the opposite circumstances, we are excited to introduce “Inej Travel” where we plan your holiday not just an ordinary holiday; it’s more like an experience. 
   Amit Saxena  
Inej Travel will help you plan the  perfect trip away and show you the best of wherever you visit.

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