Rajasthan Culture

Rajasthan: The Majestic Land

Rajasthan is one of the largest Indian states in northern India. Rajasthan means “Land of Kings” or
“A place where Royal families live”.

When you hear ‘Rajasthan’, what comes to your mind? I bet you see this:

Don’t you?

And I bet you’ll have a new perspective about Rajasthan after you read this article. Today you’re going to learn about cultures, food and the best places to visit in Rajasthan.

Culture and Religion

Everyone desire to live like a royal family, celebrate and enjoy the diverse range of religion and cultures. Rajasthan is the place where you get all these at one stop.

Rajasthan is known as the ‘cultural capital of India’. Let’s discover the cultures of this beautiful state, Rajasthan.


  1. Atithi Devo Bhava


One of the most followed cultures by most Indian families is ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’. Which means, “Treating guests like a god”. Once you’ve visited Rajasthan, you’ll feel like not leaving from here.


  1. Folk Songs and Folk Dance

A famous folk song of Rajasthan “Padharo Ni Maare Desh”, means “You’re welcome to my country”. The famous folk music groups are named Langas, Manganiyar, Mirasis, Banjaras. They play occasional raga’s (songs) like to call the rains in pre-monsoon. These famous groups use traditional musical instruments which include dhol, sarangi, shenai, NaagPhani, Ghara, Kamaicha, etc.

What is the purpose of folk songs in Rajasthan? 

In Rajasthan, the folk song and dance is performed on special occasions like wedding, the birth of a child, festivals, for welcoming the guests. Such a vast diversified state has different folk dances and cultures of different regions.

Some famous dance form of Rajasthan are: Kathipuli, Ghoomer, Bhopa.


  1. Camel Ride 

The best part of visiting Rajasthan is the camel ride in the Desert. You can discover the desert life and more about how camels survive such tough conditions because of their biology. With no water, winds, cold, warm weather conditions. In Bikaner, there hosts a camel fair every year for owners and the ship of the desert. You can enjoy camel dance and race which held in Bikaner for 2 days every year.


  1. Rajasthani Traditional Dresses and Costumes 

Again, one of the most beautiful and blissful experience is trying out Rajasthani costumes. You can discover a wide range of clothing, vibrant colors, unique designs, art and mirror work, and the most beautiful jewelry of Rajasthani costumes.

For men’s dressing like a local look like wearing a Pagrii which is also called a turban. Along with a Kurta (the upper wear) and Pajamas (The lower wear).


  1. Art and craft of Rajasthan

You’ll be stunned out by the colorful and traditional art culture of Rajasthan. Total handcrafted wooden sculptures, pottery, carpets, clothes and embroidery, and many more. You’ll see the Chaniya-choli dress commonly worn by ladies of Rajasthan.


Food & Rajasthan Delicacies-

Fooding is Rajasthan and it will make you go with “finger-licking’ experience. You’ll forget all of your KFC and Dominos food if you tasted Rajasthani food. Let’s discover the food options if you ever visit Rajasthan.


Dal Baati Churma 

The most famous and traditional dish of Rajasthan is Dal Baati churma. It is known for the red chilly spicy dal along with crispy baatis and sweet churma for compensating chilly spicy dal.


Gatte and Gravy

A trip to Rajasthan is incomplete without having tasted Masala Gatte with spicy gravy. If you’re a typical Rajasthani, you know that your plate is incomplete without Gatte.



Kalakand is a sweet dish or dessert that you can have in Rajasthan. Kalakand is a soft dessert made out of milk and quite a delicious taste. If you visit Rajasthan, do try out kalakand.


Mirchi Vada

Mirchi vada is a fried snack eaten as a compliment with tea and breakfast by Indians. Mirchi vada is quite spicy but is a must-try in Rajasthan.



Kachori is a famous evening snack for Indians. We just love to eat kachoris even in our breakfast. The Rajwadi kachori is famous in India, as this kachori has Kalakandh over it and tastes mix sweet and spicy.


Moong Dal Ka Halwa

Halwa is a very famous sweet and delicious dessert in India during extreme winters. But Moong dal ka halwa has something different, which is made of moong dal and dry fruits. You can taste Moong dal ka halwa in any Rajasthani royal marriage functions or special occasions.


Masala Chhach

After eating so much food, you’ll like to have some drink. Rajasthani famous masala Chhach can cool you down in such an extreme weather climate. Masala Chhach is a drink after lunch for its feel and taste.


Places to visit 


Rajasthan is full of tourist spots to explore beautiful palaces and temples and more. Let’s see where all you can capture unforgettable moments.



Udaipur, the city of lakes. Udaipur is also known as the most romantic city in India. It is said that Royal families used to live in the city of Udaipur. The places that will wow you in Udaipur are Chittorgarh fort, Kumbhalgarh, Jagat Niwas Palace, Jain temple, city palace.



Jodhpur, “the blue city” of India. Jodhpur the second largest city in India is known as the blue city. Because if you visit Jodhpur, you’ll notice only blue colored building and houses. Want a better experience in Jodhpur? Visit Mehrangarh fort, Balsamandh lake, Umaid Bhawan Palace. The culture and views from this city will get you stunned.


Jaisalmer city 

Jaisalmer city will bring you the feel of Arabian nights. Jaisalmer is popularly known as the “Golden City” of India where you can enjoy camel rides and safari covered with dunes. Want to enhance your Jaisalmer city experience? Do visit The ancient fort for a full view of the Jaisalmer city, Patwon-ki-haveli, Jaisalmer fort, Khuri, Desert national park.


Welcome to the capital city of Rajasthan, Jaipur. Jaipur is popularly known as the “pink city of India”. Jaipur is called pink city because it was painted pink to welcome Prince Albert (Husband of queen victoria). You’ll find the most popular palaces and forts in Jaipur, India. Places to visit in Jaipur for the most fun – Amber fort and palace, Govind Devi Temple, Jantar Mantar (most famous in India), Hawa Mahal, Nahargarh fort.



Bikaner has the main attraction for walled old cities and forts. Although Bikaner attracts fewer tourists because of its location in Rajasthan. But here you can attend the famous Karni Mata festival where the local worship “Rats”. You can also enjoy camel and desert safari in Bikaner during January every year. Visit these places to discover the real Bikaner – Junagarh fort, Lalgarh palace, Prachina museum, Rampuria Haveli, Shri Laxmi Nath temple.


Kota and Chambal 

Kota is the most popular name among every medical and engineering aspiring students. Kota city is popular for its fair and Dusshera celebration during October. For exploring the real Kota city you must visit – Seven wonder parks, Kota barrage, Garadia Mahadev temple, Jag mandir, Kota zoological park.


I hope this blog helped you discover a little portion of northern culture and religion and the places you can check on your bucket list. Do let us know if there is anything we can do for you to plan a trip to a beautiful country, INDIA.