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Indian Local Cuisine: Taste of Real India

Apart from following hundreds of religions, festivals, cultures, arts, history. India is world-famous for Local CuisineFrom north to south and east to west, you can discover a vast variety of delicious local cuisine. And I can bet on this, Indian Local Cuisine tastes way better than 5-star and 7-star restaurants.

In this blog post, you’ll discover the real taste of Indian Local Cuisine in different states. By the end of this blog, your mouth will be filled with water, so beware.

The North Indian States and Local Cuisine

Jammu and Kashmir 

The Northernmost state of India, Jammu, and Kashmir is famous for Rogan Josh. Rogan Josh contains delicious spices and is eaten with rice and yogurt. Kashmiri lunch is just incomplete without rogan josh and rice.

Also, Kashmiri Kahwa is the most famous beverage made of Kesar. In such cold weather in Kashmir, Kahwa makes your soul warm. You ignore it or not, you’ll see this drink everywhere you go in Jammu and Kashmir.

Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is famous for the HimachaliDham dish. If you are a big fan of beans and lentils you’re going to love this famous dish. Moreover, Himachal is also popular for a delicious Chha Ghost for proper vegetarian.


Punjabi’s are the most foodie tribe in India. The most famous Punjabi dish, even you might have heard the name several times is “Makke di rot teSarson da saag”. Sounds such a mouth-watering dish, made of cornbread with mustard green and a cup of sweet yogurt drink.


Are you a Diet conscious person? No worry here in Uttarakhand, you can enjoy the Kafuli dish. Kafuli is a dish for health-conscious people like you, which is made of spinach.


Delhi people are foodies just like Punjabi’s. Few famous dishes in Delhi Include Paranthas, Butter chicken, Biryani, CholeBhature. When I visited Delhi, I have had Paranthas with a large cup of yogurt drink. It was a deadly combination which I would recommend you to have in Delhi.


Harayana is famous for its Millet dish, which locally called is “Bajreki Khichdi”. To add more taste and flavor to the dish, it is eaten with sesame oil. Moreover, you can also have some popular Haryanvi dishes like Besan masala roti, kadhipakoras, Singrikisabzi.


Rajasthan is my happy place and a heaven for foodies like me. If you plan to visit Rajasthan, do eat Dal Baati Churma in Rajasthan. Baati is a crispy mouth-watering dish, eaten with spicy Dal and Sweet churma. More popular dishes of Rajasthan includes – Kabuli pulao, BesankiSabzi, Gattasabzi, etc.

Uttar Pradesh 

Uttar Pradesh is the most famous and popular place amongst Indians for Shahi Kebab. Shahi kebab is made of meat and is a deep-fried evening snack for Indians. More cuisine to try in Uttar Pradesh includes Shahi paneer, Kachorisabzi, and my favorite, Paan (as a dessert after dinner).

The West Indian States and Local Cuisine


Goa is the best tourist attraction spot in India. And the cuisine in Goa is worth exploring. And Goa is famous for its Seafood, which includes fish curry. You’ve already known that India is famous for its curry, and Goa for its fish curry. More cuisine that you must explore is Goan red rice, kingfish, and sanna.


Gujarat is world-famous for its vegetarian dish popularly called Dhokla. Dhokla is made of a fermented batter of rice & dal. Dhokla is eaten as breakfast by many Indians. Another cuisine which worth a try includes khandvi, samosa, etc.


Maharastra is famous for its Misalpav and Wada pav. You’ll see most Maharashtrian eating Misal or Wada pav in breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Misal and Wada pav is like an obsession to every Maharashtrian.

The South Indian States and Local Cuisine


One of the Green cities of India, Kerala, is popular for its famous cuisine called Puttu and Kadala curry. Besides Puutuand curry, you can enjoy having Erissery, Stew, Sambhar dosa.

Tamil Nadu

The whole south Indian states are famous for this popular Indian cuisine called “IDLI”. Idli is a famous Indian breakfast that is eaten with Sambhar dal. In Tamil Nadu, you can also enjoy more popular cuisines which include Dosa, Uttapam, Wada, BananaBonda.


A popular cuisine of Karnataka is made of rice, spices, lentils, curry leaves and locals call it “BisiBeleBhath”. Moreover, Karnataka is popular for its Dosa’s of ranging varieties, Mysore Bonda, Khara Pongal, and RavaKesari.

Andra Pradesh

Visiting Andra Pradesh and not tasting Pulihora is just doing nothing in Andra Pradesh. Pulihora is a famous fried Andra Pradesh cuisine eaten with green chilly by the locals. Moreover, if you enjoy lentils, you can Pulusu. For non-vegetarians, Andra Pradesh’s seafood, meat, and eggs taste BEST.


Telangana is popular for its Koora dishes which the locals enjoy A LOT. Exploring Telangana, I’ve never met a single person who hasn’t tasted Hydrabadi Biryani (MUST HAVE). More cuisines include SarvaPindi, Boti Kebab, Double Kameetha (a dessert).

The East Indian States and Local Cuisine

Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal, we’ve come to east India now. Arunachal Pradesh is popular for Rice, it’s a staple food of Arunachal Pradesh. More Arunachal cuisines that are worth tasting is Churasabzi, Lukter( mouth-watering non-veg dish).


You’re gonna love Sikkim for its famous cuisine popularly called Momos, Thukpa, Gundruk. More popular cuisines include Dal Chawal (Bhaat), Dhindo, Sael roti, and curry.


Rice and curry is just an east Indian state thing. Assam is famous for meat curry cuisine which is very healthy and warms you up. You can also try Aloopitika, OuTenga, Aru bhaji, silkworm dish


Nagaland is famous for a colocasia dish called Hinkejvu. The Hinkevju contains cabbage and mustard leaves with beans. Othe popular cuisines in Nagaland are Smoked pork, Bamboo fish, Galho, Akibiye.


Chhattisgarh is the most popular for its Chila Dish. Chila is similar to roti but is made with the batter of rice. You’ll Chhattisghariya most often eating chila as the breakfast. More popular chhattisghariya cuisines include Bhajiya, Sabudana Khichdi, Tilgur, Bafauri, Dubki curry.

West Bengal 

West Bengal is a famous state for the best and mouth-watering food in India. The popular cuisine of west Bengal is Kathi roll. Kathi roll is a wrap of roti that contains kebab, spices, mayonnaise for taste. More popular cuisines of West Bengal include JhalMuri, Lucchi-Alurdom, sweets like sondesh, chamcham, and rashogulla.


Bihar is a famous state which is popularly known for Litti Chokha and Kebabs. If you visit Bihar you must taste a popular dessert called Thekua.


Orissa is a small Indian state with a very less population. But if you eat Khichdi of Orissa, you’ll get addicted. Besides khichdi, Orissa is famous for Dalma, Gupchup, Dahi Wada, Dum aloo, ChhenaPoda.

I hope you loved the article and now you are having your mouth full of water. Now it’s your time to taste all the food and cuisines I have listed above. Do let us know if we can help you taste all of these dishes.